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All TOTAL SOLAR INNOVATIONS Energy Systems use a unique "COMPONENT DESIGN" and therefore are ** EASY TO MAINTAIN....EASY TO EXPAND...EASY TO ADAPT... and can be customed designed/configured for your particular needs. 
You simply can’t get a better quality system for less money…anywhere!





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ALTERNATIVE ENERGY NOTES (Answers to Common Questions):

Solar Charge Controllers.... PWM vs MPPT

While both types of controllers use advanced computer technology in taking electricity from Solar Panels/Wind Generator/Hydro Generator and feed the energy into a battery bank and help prevent overcharging of the battery bank, there are subtle differences in how they work:
*MPPT: The charge controller circuit of a MPPT controller (Maximum Power Point Tracking) unit is designed to convert the voltage from your solar or wind power sources to the optimum for maximum transfer of power to the battery/grid/inverter.  
*PWM: A PWM charge controller does not operate to optimize power transfer to the batteries; it is optimized to extend the life of the batteries. By applying higher voltage in short bursts a PWM controllers essentially cleans off the lead plates that are a central part of the battery storage system.  It is about 1/3 to 1/2 less than the cost of a MPPT controller. 

MPPT is up to 30% more efficient at transfering power vs PWM...but PWM is better for batteries.  Since batteries are the most expensive part of a solar system, the argument is that it is better to buy a few more solar panels than to replace all of the batteries at an earlier time.  However, if a user is monitoring their battery usage so that it rarely drops below 50%, and never below 35% then MPPT is a better way to go.